Waste removal service 7 days a week

Whether you just want to declutter your house, or if you have a lot of waste to dispose of, Go2Removals can remove the waste quickly and tidily. Natural waste builds up over time, which reduces your living space and can also be stressful if not dealt with. Simply call us for a free quote and we can have the items removed from your home in no time.

Extensions & decorating

Whilst renovating or adding extensions to your home, waste will build up quickly, and isn't always removed by your decorators or builders. Skips can be expensive, can create a mess and can also attract vermin, whilst also encouraging anyone walking past your home to dump their goods.

A cheaper and cleaner alternative is to have us remove the waste for you on the day that it is made. If your bathroom is being gutted on a particular day, we can turn up in the afternoon and take away all the tiles, flooring, basins and baths etc. This means that when you return home the waste will already be gone. Simply call us in advance to arrange the booking.

Garden and garage waste

When doing large amounts of garden work, waste can build up quickly, and if you plan on taking this to the local dump, this can be very messy for the interior of your vehicle and for your clothes. It is also very easy to underestimate the weight of garden waste, and this can lead to pulled muscles and just general stress that you don't need to put up with! As we operate 7 days a week, why not do your gardening on the Saturday and have us pick up the goods on Sunday? This way you can enjoy the remainder of your weekend, and save the £50 valet service on the inside of your car.

Business disposal

Whether you are a small business that is just starting out, or an established business with high amounts of weekly disposal, Go2Removals can arrange for a regular waste removal service to avoid breaking any lease agreements with your landlord or contravening any health and safety laws. Larger companies will provide you with a dump bin which can again be used by members of the public, and also increase the risk of attracting vermin. Arranging a regular service with us will avoid this.

For large re-developments or allotment waste, call us now for a free quote. Go2Removals cater for all sizes of waste disposal, and you may find that our rates are more competitive than you think.

Disposal Tips - Money Saving

Most councils will collect one household item per year free of charge. Get rid of a couch or a bed by contacting your local council. The British Heart Foundation will also take furniture depending on condition.

To fit around your schedule, we are available 7 days a week, early morning, and late at night.
We offer regular disposal pick ups for businesses with high volumes of waste.