Business moves & office relocations

Whether your business is moving across the hall or across the country, Go2Removals have the expertise and experience to move your business quickly, efficiently, and hassle free. We offer a range of flexible commercial services, from packing and internal moving, to UK mainland and International full business moves. We will put together a team dedicated to ensuring that your move goes smoothly, and has minimal impact on your day to day business operations.

Multi-site relocations

Go2Removals love working with small businesses, and it’s always great to see a company expand as they become more and more successful. Sometimes it is also necessary to downscale and move several locations to one main office or warehouse. Go2Removals cater for all of these needs, and will tailor our services to suit what works best for your business. Whether a small or large scale relocation is on the cards, we always arrange a meeting first to establish priorities, and will give you one point of contact for clear and efficient communication.

Handling of goods

Whatever your business sells, your office equipment and goods are crucial to running your day to day tasks. Go2Removals understand this, and treat all of your goods delicately, whether it is IT cabling, office furniture, computers and laptops, or even pens and paper.

We also offer a packing service, as we understand that office move deadlines are very tight. Take the stress out of your move by letting the experts do your wrapping and packing, ensuring that the goods will be unpacked and put into your new office in the same condition they were when you left. Goods are also securely fastened and wrapped during transit, which will avoid any unwanted surprises on the first day at your new location.

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Packing Tips - Labelling Items

Labelling items beforehand will save you a lot of time once moved. Label items according to department, office/room, or employee if applicable. Use a ballpoint pen or Sharpie, and place the label in the same place on all items - for example, always at the top of the item.

Clear and precise organising, and regular communication, from start to finish.
Leave the wrapping and packing to us, from computers and laptops, to desks and chairs.