Complete home removals, from start to finish

Regardless of your situation, moving home can be stressful, both emotionally and physically. At Go2Removals, our main aim is to make your moving day as stress free as possible. From the packing of your items, to the planning of the route and the timing of the delivery, we take care of everything, leaving you to focus on other things, like setting up the Wi-Fi at your new address!

Packing and wrapping service

If you are running out of time on moving week, or simply want your goods to be professionally packaged, give us a call and we can do all of the wrapping and packing for you. From small antiques to large items of furniture, we use the right wrapping materials and package the goods meticulously, as if they were our own. Once delivered to you new home, we will also unwrap the items, put them exactly where you want them in the house, and take all of the packing back with us, leaving your new home clean and tidy.

Careful planning

With years of experience in the field, no detail will be overlooked, so if you are moving to an area with high volumes of traffic, we will have already planned our route to get you to your new home in the quickest time. If the items need to be carried up many flights of stairs, we will have the right amount of people with us for the job, and the right equipment to make the delivery smooth and hassle free.

From A-B, wherever that may be

Go2Removals cover the UK and parts of Europe, so don’t fret about getting a quote for long distances. We are happy to arrive early and finish late, and will only leave when your removal is 100% complete.

Call us now on the number above, and we can go through the details of your move with you. If you are short on time, drop us an email, or request a call back at the most appropriate time for you.

Packing Tips - Box Weight

Be careful not to overfill boxes. Ideally do not pack more than 25lbs into a box. Any more will lead to boxes breaking and damaging your goods. You can buy double layered card boxes for heavier items, or even plastic tubs.

To fit around your schedule, we are available 7 days a week, early morning, and late at night.
Leave the wrapping and packing to us, from small antiques to large furniture.