Handy man help around the home

Furniture assembly

Moving into a new home can be very time consuming and energy sapping. Once the big move has taken place, you just want a chair to sit in, but can't because it's in a flat pack box from Ikea. Take care of the house move and furniture assembly in one go, by letting Go2Removals put together furniture for you quickly and correctly. We can assemble from the box, or put back together an item that was taken apart to make the move easier. We also offer services to move furniture around the home, if you fancy a change after a few months of moving in.

Hanging mirrors, pictures & TVs

If you are not confident in using a spirit leveller, or your old home has many holes in the wall from hanging mishaps, why not allow us to hang all your valuable and sentimental pictures on the wall for you, smoothly and accurately. We also hang heavier items such as mirrors and Tvs and can advise you on the best way of going about this.

Odd jobs

Go2Removals also complete various odd jobs around the home, and are happy to give you a quote for anything that you may need doing in a newly renovated home, or in a home you have just moved into or moved out of. Call us now for a free quote, or send us an email with your job request on it to go2removals@gmail.com.

New Home Tips - Hanging Curtains

Before you start to gather your curtain, grab a tape measure and check the width that the curtain needs to be. It’s worth gathering the curtain to a few centimetres wider than you actually need so that there’s no need to yank each side of the curtain to get them to meet in the middle.

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